Seymour Papers

Some of the papers by Bob Seymour in which Irregular Shelterwoods are discussed.

The Initial list is from references in he Irregular Shelterwood System:Review, Classification, and Potential Application to ForestsAffected by Partial Disturbances P. Ramond et al., 2009. Journal of Forestry 107: 405–413.

– SEYMOUR, R.S. 1992. The red spruce-balsam fir forest of Maine: Evolution of silvicultural practice in response to stand development patterns and disturbances. P. 217­244 in The ecology and silviculture of mixed-species forests. A festschrift for David M. Smith., Kelty, M.J., B.C. Larson, and C.D. Oliver (eds.). Kluwer Publishers, Norwell, MA. 287 p. PDF available here.

– SEYMOUR, R.S. 1995. The Northeastern Region. P. 31­79 in Regional silviculture of the United States, 3rd Ed., J.W. Barrett (ed.). Wiley and Sons, New York. 643 p.

– SEYMOUR, R.S. 2005. Integrating disturbance parameters into conventional silvicultural systems: Experience from the Acadian forest of northeastern North America. P. 41­- 48 in Balancing ecosystem values: Innovative experiments for sustainable forestry, Peterson, C.E., and D.A. Maguire (eds.). US For. Serv. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-635. 389 p.

– SEYMOUR, R.S., AND M.L. HUNTER JR. 1999. Principles of ecological forestry. P. 22­-61 in Maintaining biodiversity in forest ecosystems, Hunter, M.L. Jr. (ed.). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. 698 p. PDF available here

– SEYMOUR, R.S., AND L.S. KENEFIC. 1998. Balance and sustainability in multiaged stands: A northern conifer case study. J. For. 96:12­17. PDF available here

– SEYMOUR, R.S., A.S. WHITE, AND P.G. DEMAYNADIER. 2002. Natural disturbance regimes in northeastern North America: Evaluating silvicultural systems using natural scales and frequencies. For. Ecol. Manag. 155:357­ 367. PDF available here

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