L&F issues a report on What we Heard at the Ecological Forestry Forum 20July2019

A new item has been provided on the webpage for the Independent Review (now retitled as “Ecological Forestry Implementation”): What We Heard – Ecological Forestry Forum (PDF, 35 pages). The Update for the webpage is dated July 8, 2019.

The document provides an Overview of the Event, referring to a link to a YouTube Video of Minister Rankin’s and Deputy Minister Tower’s remarks, and summaries of Project-Focused Small Group Discussions that took place under headings corresponding to the Project Teams previously announced as in place (Forest Management Guide, High production Forestry etc).

There are two appendices:

Appendix A – Transcripts from June 25th Stakeholder Small Group Discussions
Appendix B – Email Feedback (sent to the Department by email and was received prior to the July 5, 2019 deadline).

Under Next Steps:

The Ecological Forestry Forum provided an initial opportunity for stakeholders to be part of important changes in forest conservation and management. We will continue to engage with our stakeholders and the public as we make progress on this important work for healthier, more diverse forests with greater emphasis on biodiversity and ecosystem protection…This stakeholder session was a fi rst step on our path to improving our engagement and information sharing practices. Plans are being developed for a long-term approach to stakeholder and public participation…Further comments/feedback can be submitted at any time to: EcologicalForestry@novascotia.ca.

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Thx to SueES for news about the update

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