Nova Scotia Lands & Forestry seeking new Manager, Forest Management Planning12Nov2020

An ad was posted on Tuesday Nov 10, 2020 for Manager, Forest Management Planning at NS Lands & Forestry.

From the Advert:

Primary Accountabilities

You will manage the administration and operations that support decision making and policy development of the province’s forests and that contribute to the provincial goals of enhancing biodiversity, ecological sustainability, and economic prosperity.

Qualifications and Experience

Successful candidates will have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry or a related discipline and several years of related experience in forestry operations management, or an acceptable combination of education and experience.

Apparently formal qualifications in forestry alone and only forestry provide adequate background in “biodiversity, ecological sustainability, and economic prosperity” and with “several years of related experienceare sufficient for this senior management position at L&F. There is no mention in the advertisement of the Lahey Report and the evolving emphasis on Ecological Forestry.

From a FOIPOP Document (red outline inserted):

According to his Linkedin Profile,  the current holder of this position, Gerald Post, has held a variety of positions within the NS civil service going back to 2007 and began his post secondary education in 1977; he received a BSc Agriculture from NSAC/Macdonald College in 1981 and MBA from St. Mary’s University in 1997.

Don’t expect any public announcements from L&F on who is eventually hired or any info about their qualifications and perspectives or their  e-mail and phone number or any annual report to the public on what they have accomplished.

I am left to wonder,  will there ever be  a  job for Little Owl at L&F?

She applied for the following positions:

Research and Planning Forester
Advertised Apr 16m 2019.

Little Owl asks for a recommendation for a position at L&F.


Little Owl wanted to be on the State of Forestry Project Team. May 31, 2019; “The last few weeks the department has signed agreements with external advisers for the teams working to implement the Lahey report recommendations. We’re talking about leading academia, scientists and people that actually worked on the report with Prof. Lahey that are on those teams,” said Rankin.”

Resource Specialist?
Advertised Apr 1, 2019
Biodiversity Species at Risk Biologist
Advertised Jan 28, 2019

Director, Corporate Development
Advertised Dec 4, 2018


Director, Resource Management:
Advertised Mar 5, 2019

Nature Interpreter
Summer student position, advertised Mar 5, 2019

Manager, Innovation & Business Development
Advertised Dec 7, 2018


Little Owl missed the ad for the Carbon Modeller position, advertised on a U of A website in March 2018, and perhaps others.

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