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Protected Areas in Nova Scotia help to mitigate climate change, clearcuts do not.

A modelling study shows that Protected Areas increase carbon storage, clearcuts reduce carbon storage A paper by Robert Cameron of NSE and Peter Bush of NSDNR, published last year, suggests 112 million tonnes of carbon is sequestered (stored) in existing … Continue reading

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Neal Livingston: We need good public policy to drive the transition to better forestry in Nova Scotia

Specifics are given in an 8-stage plan to transition from clearcutting to a selection cutting forest economy Margaree Environmental Association activist, woodlot owner, power producer and filmmaker Neal Livingston, interviewed about forestry on the Sheldon Macleod show the day after … Continue reading

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, AFR for May017

Two letters in the May 2017 issue of Atlantic Forestry Review reflect on N.S. Crown land management issues. Tom Miller of Green Hill, N.S. focusses on the need for better management of Crown land hardwoods, not that softwoods don’t also … Continue reading

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We can “cut less and do more” to foster a healthy forest economy in Nova Scotia

So said Robert Taylor, President of Taylor Lumber Co., in a presentation to the Nova Scotia Legislature Resources Committee today. The theme of the session was sustainable forestry. The other presenter was Jeff Bishop, Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia. … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia increases max height for wooden residential buildings

“Nova Scotia is adopting changes to the National Building Code, which include increasing the maximum height of wooden residential buildings from four to six storeys. The Fire Safety Act and Regulations will also be changed to enhance safety requirements for … Continue reading

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Good news story on wood products, Nova Scotia

Updated Mar 19, 2017 “Dow and Duggan Log Homes have created a new process of constructing logs to be used in the building of new log houses” and are seeing “robust and growing revenues.” View Local log home manufacturer shipping … Continue reading

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New wood construction opportunities for Atlantic Canada

An article by Don Proctor for the Daily Commercial News highlights a new study showing that “the cost of building a six-storey wood building in Halifax is comparable to the tab for a similar structure in B.C”. View article I … Continue reading

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From molecules and cells to trees, forests, and tall buildings made of wood

Of all of the existing and potential uses of forest products, use of wood in construction is seemingly the most compatible with using our forests and forest products to sequester carbon and building on the natural strengths of a species … Continue reading

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