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The debate warms up: Show us the Science

When I set up this website, I wanted the Home, blogging page (this page) “to serve as a record of events, news and opinions on the subject of forests and forestry in Nova Scotia as they unfold, beginning on June … Continue reading

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Clearcuts in a Nature Reserve

A couple of days ago a CBC post told of clearcuts near a protected area (Keji Park). Today, it’s about a clear cut in a protected area: “A landowner in Joggins, N.S. says he’s frustrated by the province’s strategy of … Continue reading

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Keji area clearcut to proceed

According to a CBC report, the clearcut proposed near Kejimkujik National Park, which raised hackles in August, is now going ahead on 94 of the 100 ha. A decision has been deferred on 6 ha that impinge directly on the … Continue reading

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Low oil prices and downturn in the European market affect Scotia Atlantic Biomass debt payment

“Scotia Atlantic Biomass Company announced it has received a Demand Notice from Cornwall Investments in the amount of CAD 6.35 million. According to the announcement, the company also received from Cornwall, a Notice of Intention to Enforce Security under Rule … Continue reading

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How trees talk to each other

In this TED video, Suzanne Simard, a well published Professor of Forestry at the University of British Columbia, tells an amazing story of how trees nurture each other and makes compelling scientific arguments for taking a new approach to forest … Continue reading

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A disturbing level of forest disturbance in the Highlands

Robert Devet, writing in the Nova Scotia Advocate, points us to ” A weekend video with a difference. No story line, no sound, no people, just images from a drone flying high above the Cape Breton Highlands.” It shows “Large … Continue reading

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Connecting to Wapane’kati

I attended the MTRI Old Forest Conservation Science Meeting at Debert this past week, anticipating that it would be a good experience and it was. I am guessing the attendance was about 80 people, from all walks – foresters, rangers, … Continue reading

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“Steep Slope Initiative” could threaten older forest stands

Many of our patches of remaining old forest in Nova Scotia occur on steep slopes that have remained inaccessible for harvesting. But that could change. FPInnovations executive vice-president Dr. Trevor Stuthridge talks about development of “new harvesting technologies to provide … Continue reading

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Glorious Days of October in the “Backlands”

A few photos from today in the “Backlands”, an area of granitic outcrops and Jack Pines on the Halifax south mainland. The Spryfield fire on April 30/May 1, 2009 burned approximately 800 ha of this highly fire-prone landscape, but not … Continue reading

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Softwood lumber trade on the block again

“The last softwood lumber deal expired Oct. 12, 2015. The subsequent one-year litigation standstill period ended at midnight. Now the American lumber industry could file a petition with the U.S. Department of Commerce as early as Thursday morning” [that apparently … Continue reading

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