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Independent review of forestry announced in Nova Scotia budget address

“Government will also appoint an independent expert to review our forestry practices to ensure we strike the right balance for our forests. This review will get underway as soon as possible, starting first in the western region. No future long-term … Continue reading

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Naturalists question the science of sustainable forestry in Nova Scotia

“The Conservation Committee of the Halifax Field Naturalists has prepared a document commenting on the impacts of forestry in Nova Scotia on conservation of biodiversity and asking questions about the underlying science.” View: – Questions about forestry science forwarded to … Continue reading

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WestFor Interim Agreement extended to Sep. 2017

A CBC report this a.m. indicated that the long term agreement being negotiated with WestFor to access and manage the Western Crown Lands has been extended to Sept., thereby placing the final decision until after an election likely to be … Continue reading

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Softwood lumber tariff of 19.88% to hit Nova Scotia May 1

“After a day of uncertainty, the Nova Scotia government admitted late Tuesday afternoon it has lost a long-standing exemption from U.S. border taxes on softwood lumber exports from the province, at least for now.” J.D. Irving operating mainly in N.B. … Continue reading

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Liberal MLA asks for review of Nova Scotia forest practices

MLA Joachim Stroink (Halifax Chebucto) posted a letter he wrote to Nova Scotia Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines: ….I have heard from my constituents about the importance of protecting our forests. They have specific concerns about the sustainability of our … Continue reading

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..22Apr2017

In a CH op-ed today (Apr 22, Earth Day), Dale Smith questions the elevated status of forestry as the default use for Crown land in Nova Scotia. “The role and importance of Crown land as a publicly-owned asset effectively has … Continue reading

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We can “cut less and do more” to foster a healthy forest economy in Nova Scotia

So said Robert Taylor, President of Taylor Lumber Co., in a presentation to the Nova Scotia Legislature Resources Committee today. The theme of the session was sustainable forestry. The other presenter was Jeff Bishop, Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia. … Continue reading

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NSDNR publishes A Field Guide to Forest Biodiversity Stewardship

From the NSDNR news Release (Apr 19, 2017): A new hands-on guidebook is available that describes how Nova Scotians can help keep the province’s woodlands healthy. “Three-quarters of our province is forest and preserving that rich biodiversity is a responsibility … Continue reading

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Cape Breton Post: NAFTA sides with PHP

& “U.S. Department of Commerce must now reconsider border duties”. View CB post Article (April 17, 2017) Tip of the Hat to Treefrog News for this item.

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Panta Rei blog explores the economics of forestry in Nova Scotia & changes in forests and employment

Soren Bondrup-Nielsen has posted several pieces about forestry on his Panta Rei blog: Analysis of the economics of forestry in Nova Scotia Full title: Analysis of the change in labour force adjusted for volume and area harvested within the forestry … Continue reading

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