More MCFC Webinars July 7-21: Irregular Shelterwood, Backcountry, Migratory Birds & Forestry, Edible & Medicinal Plants 27Jun2020

Next MCFC webinar: Tues June 30, 2020: Bob Seymour on Irregular Shelterwood Silviculture in the Acadian Forest – Overview and Application to Nova Scotia. This is very relevant to the Ecological Forestry Matrix of the Triad, and Bob Seymour is unquestionably the expert, as well as being involved in the whole Independent Review process. View this page on NSFN for some  info. on Irregular Shelterwood. I found the intro to Irregular Shelterwood in the First Webinar, at approx 24-34 min in the video, especially helpful.

I am not one given to attending meetings and lectures whether in-person or online, but I had no difficulty taking in every minute of the first three presentations & discussions in the Medway Community Forest Co-op webinar series. Below are links to archived youtube videos of the webinars to date and links provided by the presenters:

Introduction to Ecological Forestry
with Mary Jane Rodger, Jun 9, 2020

& link to MCFC management plan

The Why and How of Environmental Assessment of Forest Management on Public Land
with Peter Duinker June 16, 2020

Forest Plants – Identification and Species of Interest to Forest Stewardship
with Alain Belliveau, June 23, 2020

& links: – Fern Key
– simple plant key, GoBotany
A guidebook of species at risk
A guidebook for Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora

Coming up are:

Tues June 30, 2020: Forestry Professional’s Series:
Irregular Shelterwood Silviculture in the Acadian Forest – Overview and Application to Nova Scotia with Bob Seymour

Jul 1, 2020, from MCFC: “Here is the archived video
Bob also has his own youtube channel where he has posted a three part webinar series on irregular shelterwood management”

Tues July 7, 2020: Intro to the Forest Series:
Backcountry for Beginners – The Safe and Sound Essentials with Jonathan Riley. Jul 8: View The archived video

Tues July 14, 2020: Forestry Professional’s Series:
Migratory Birds and Forestry with Cindy Staicer

July 29, 2020: View archived video
View NSFN Post about it

Tues July 21, 2020: Intro to the Forest Series:
Edible and Medicinal Plants – Increasing our Interaction with Nature with Benna Keoghoe

July 29, 2020: Webinar archive

View MCFC Events Page for the latest schedule.

To register, contact Heba Jarrar at:

Typically the presentations are 40 minutes + 20 minutes for the presenters to answer questions posed by participants. The questions are posed by writing in a chat box; after the formal presentation, Heba Jarrar (the moderator) reads the questions and the presenter responds.

They use Webex as the delivery platform – it’s probably a good idea to sign up for it (it’s “free and quick”) beforehand – you only need to do it once if you are using the same device to participate subsequently.

I found it all pretty “seamless”. Heba requests that attendees turn off their video to reduce transmission clutter, but you can still see and hear all that goes on.

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