JD Irving looking for Forest Products Truck Driver (Class 1) 25Jan2022

“J.D. Irving, Limited, NS Woodlands Division is currently seeking candidates for Forest Products Truck Driver (Class 1) . Operations will take place within Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Forest Products Truck Driver will be expected to operate the Truck in a safe, efficient and productive manner according to J.D. Irving, Limited’s Best Management Practices and maintain all legal requirements for operation on public roads. The Truck Driver will be required to maintain production and utilization targets, and work independently in remote environments. Work will consist of short haul routes, with drivers being able to return home at the end of the each shift…up to $17.00 – $22.00” View full Advertisement

‘Have to say, this seem a rather sad rate of pay in these days of high demand for truck drivers generally, the demands of the job, and given the continued high demand and high prices paid for lumber.

Noted the Nova Scotia Forest Sector Council recently (view post of Jan 13, 2022):

A critical factor in the success of the industry is the strength of forestry contractors who provide important services including logging, transportation, and silviculture; these businesses are primarily responsible for supplying the forest industry with wood fiber. However, the aging workforce and the inability to find skilled forestry machine operators is having a major impact on the current and future success of the forest sector.

According to a recent statement by Jamie Lewis, president of WestFor and Lewis Mouldings Ltd, cited on saltwire.com, “Nova Scotia’s forestry sector is comprised of over 10,000 workers, 36,000 woodlot owners, 80 sawmills, two pulp mills and hundreds of supply and service companies.”
[Kinda wonder how recent these stats are… 2 pulp mills? 10,000 workers…?]

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Some Comments on Social Media Jan 25, 2022
AF: Log truck driver I spoke to last fall said hes making the same per load as 10 years ago. Forestry sector council mandated to attract and retain workers is throwing good money after bad .want a strong workforce pay fare prices of lumber skyrocket yet all forestry workers are making less than ever
DK to AF: haynes sets the standard trucking rate. Diesel at an all time high they need to step up to pay more for trucking for others to follow.
KG: They’ll need more truckers now to bring all their NB lumber to NS to be rewrapped with Westfor logos as to avert paying 18% NB tariffs… wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what they’re doing
LR: Not very good pay, not many people with a family can make ends meet on that these days , hummmm guess who is making all the money here… 😔 and they still claim they provide good paying jobs.. beg to differ by the sounds of that add. Only one making the money is ……..

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