A welcome change in NSDNR bureaucracy

p1090923sunA Press Release on Nov 30, 2016 announced several changes to deputy-level assignments including positions at NSDNR effective Dec 12, 2016. Julie Towers becomes deputy minister at NSDNR. She is currently CEO of Aboriginal Affairs and CEO of Immigrations and previously spent several years in NSDNR.

Julie Towers brings some balance to the upper echelons of NSDNR, with a background in Aboriginal Affairs and Wildlife Biology. From her Bio at the Office of Aboriginal Affairs: “Julie started her career as a wildlife biologist after earning Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from the University of Toronto and University of New Brunswick. Before becoming Deputy Minister and CEO of Aboriginal Affairs, Julie worked in applied research, environmental education and forest, parks and wildlife management.” Her responsibilities at the Office of Aboriginal Affairs included “Foster collaborative partnerships that improve the social and economic prosperity of Aboriginal communities and immigrants”, and “Enhance public awareness and appreciation of Mi’kmaq and Aboriginal history and culture”. So we can hope that Mi’kmaq perspectives on forestry, as well as wildlife needs, will receive greater attention at NSDNR.

Towers’ previous roles are described as Executive Director, Renewable Resources Branch, Department of Natural Resources; Director of Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources; Manager of Environmental Assessment and Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Environment and Labour; Wildlife Biologist, Department of Natural Resources.

Towers replaces Frank Dunn, currently deputy minister of Natural Resources who becomes deputy minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Alan Eddy, currently associate deputy minister of NSDNR, becomes associate deputy minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and Aquaculture; no replacement for Eddy at NSDNR was announced.

Some of these changes apparently follow from retirement of Kim MacNeil, the current deputy minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and Aquaculture. Dunn/Eddy are moving as a pair (from Deputy Minister/associate deputy minister of NSDNR to the same positions in Agriculture and Fisheries and Aquaculture).

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