Harvest Prescriptions

“I have been receiving emails from people who ask me questions forestry -related – definitions of “prescriptions types” what defines clearcutting, how to use the horrendous HPMV etc. I refer everyone to ForestNotes where they can gain valuable info. I am writing to ask if you have posted or can you post the definitions (according to DLF) of all the cut types for folks to learn and know about when they write comments…” (Received June 8, 2021)

‘Workin on a response

Currently listed categories on the HPMV (June 9, 2021):

Crown Land Harvest Plans Prescription Type
Commercial Thinning
Group Selection
Individual Tree Selection
Overstory Removal
Partial Harvest / Other
Salvage Harvest
Variable Retention

Forest Management Guide and Pre-treatment Assessment Review and Revision” Summary of Feedback from Targeted Stakeholders
L&F document, Dec 2020. See 3.0 Reoccurring Themes/Silvicultural Systems, Treatments and Tools (page 8)

Irregular Shelterwood
Page on this website. Irregular Shelterwood silviculture figures prominently in the Independent Review as practices that should be adopted in NS, but currently (June 2021) it is not specifically identified in Harvest Map notices