Report from Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia to be released Tues Aug 21, 2018

Received by e-mail:

“University of King’s College president Bill Lahey will release his independent review of Nova Scotia forest practices on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at 11 a.m.

“The event will take place in the Media Room, One Government Place, 1700 Granville St., Halifax.”

It’s not on the website for the Independent Review yet (6 p.m. Aug 17, 2018), but the message came to me as one of the groups and individuals who had met with the The Independent Review and one message to media was forwarded to me, so the media has it. So it’s for real.

In the meantime, the results of a review of the New Brunswick Liberal government’s “review of the previous provincial government’s forest management strategy…were announced Tuesday[Aug 14].” View Liberals’ 11th-hour forest strategy a product of talks — here and there by Connell Smith for CBC News Aug 17, 2018. “It was three years and 11 months coming, but big questions remain.”

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