Saturday responses to Black, continued…Feb 10, 2018


Why denigrate someone who hugs a tree?

Bill Black went for a repeat of his anti-tree hugger performance (Black Jan 20) with his reference to a ‘tight-knit posse of activists’ in last Saturdays BLACK: How can rural N.S. prosper without resource extraction? (CH, Feb 3, 2018)

Writes Peter Ritchie in COUNTERPOINT: Environmental activism a broad-based movement, not a ‘tight-knit posse’ (Chronicle Herald, Feb 9, 2018):

I’d like to suggest to Mr. Black that the “tight-knit posse” of which he speaks is actually a steadily growing, provincewide movement of like-minded, educated, and scientifically-informed citizens who have had their fill of how this province “takes care of business.” We are not a ragtag group of tree-huggers trying to stifle economic growth through wide-eyed, misplaced environmentalism.

Ritchie goes after Black on his facts, e.g.

In contrast to the somewhat curious claim that Nova Scotia is sparsely populated, I’d like to illuminate the fact that Nova Scotia is actually second only to P.E.I. in population density in this country (statcan population density for Canadian provinces).

I ask the reader: Do you really think this little province, with its already stressed ecological resources and habitats, is the kind of place upon which we should expand extraction industries? …

Well said PR

Again, the Saturday Chronicle Herald carries more voices on forestry/resource issues under Voice of the People (Feb 10, 2018), one echoing PR’s comments, and two coming out swinging for resource extraction.

I do appreciate the Chronicle Herald airing all sides on these debates, however, I feel uncomfortable about the CH encouraging Bill Black’s less than helpful labels. We need sober, serious, critical and respectful debate of these issues – as characterized Black’s columns in days gone by – not the rhetoric of his recent columns.

Are we catching something from the south?

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