Highlighting: “Migrant Songs Of Spring” 5Apr2021

Migrant Songs Of Spring
Article by Scott Leslie in the current issue (April/May 2021) of Saltscapes Magazine, available as a sample.

He describes with photos and text the “beautiful vagabonds” singing their songs as they rejoice in another Atlantic Spring, but are in turn challenged by logging operations during breeding season – up to 160,000 nests now being destroyed each season in Nova Scotia.

Thx to Bev Wigney for highlighting this article in a post on Annapolis Royal & Area – Environment & Ecology, shared from a post on facebook by DC

For several seasons now, Bev has been a strong advocate for a “silent season” — a pause in industrial forestry during nesting season — to avoid the senseless and unnecessary destruction… View Silent Season

And Thx to Saltscapes for writing about things Nova Scotians really care about.

See Bancroft Writes (this website) for more examples.

‘Want see what’s arriving or blooming in Nova Scotia so you can keep an eye out for them?
View NOVA SCOTIA BIRD NEWS BY DATE (New Version being released today)
Screen Capture from existing version below:

Also view this neat feature on iBird: Habitat regional charts return highlighting habitat associations for 649 species for every week of the year

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