& On Stop Clearcutting Cape Breton: “Follow the new logging roads” 30Nov2020

A new Forest Watch group – Stop Clearcutting Cape Breton – emerged recently. A Public Facebook Group, it is A place for people from Cape Breton and the surrounding area to organize and share information related to the alarming rate of clearcutting happening on public lands in our region.

Reads the latest post, by Admin Adam J Malcolm:

“3121+ acres of crown land on the hills separating Marble Mountain from River Denys. Follow the new logging roads. Not terribly hard to tell what the plan is for this forest…These hills are drained through streams lined by some of the last truly old remnant hemlock forests I know of in the province outside of a national park.”

and from the first comments:

DH*: That’s a huge swath of land that should be left untouched .
CM: Very beautiful Forest I go up here almost everyday. I plan on cutting that road off to any logging in the near future. I am reclaiming this entire road. As a sovereign mikmaw I plan to use this land for my children.
AJM: You will find support here.
SL: Not hard to tell why the surface water reservoir in Judique is not working properly. Keep removing trees and there will be no healthy water. Water is our # 1 resources. Our government seems to forget that the trees are important to keep this very important resource healthy. “Judique’s water system operates with a volume of 110,000 litres per day from Rory Brook — the municipality’s only remaining surface water source.” Third boil order in Judique

*I prefer to use initials to identify speakers, so readers focus on what is being said.

Thanks for your Vigilance, Stop Clearcutting Cape Breton. It  looks like you have your work cut out for you, so to speak.

Some Links

The Clearcuts Abutting the Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Cliff Seruntine on YouTube, Oct 11, 2020

Shanni Bee on CBH 17Nov2020
“In these maps, you will see how clear-cutting has decimated the landscape of the Cape Breton Highlands. You will also see that NS Mines & Energy saw fit to approve an exploratory mining operation right in the middle of four wilderness areas.”

Scott Leslie’s clearcut photos
On Halifax Field Naturalists website. “Aerial views of the Cape Breton highlands wilderness boreal forest showing extensive recent clearcutting. Photos by Scott Leslie, June 2017.”

Overheard in the woods recently

From the Northeast to the Southwest,
A Cuttin’ we will go,
Till the Rivers
dont flow
And the Planet Bakes,
But it’s Oh So Good
For the Mills, don’t you know?

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