Poll indicates strong support for restrictions on clearcutting in Nova Scotia

clearcut“The poll, conducted between May 11th and May 30th [2016] by Corporate Research Associates for the Ecology Action Centre, found that 94% of respondents favoured either a ban on clearcutting (22% of all respondents), or regulations to restrict where clearcutting to can occur (72% of all respondents). Only 2% of respondents felt there should be no regulations to restrict clearcutting, favouring the status quo. Four percent had no opinion, didn’t know or suggested “other.” The poll had a sample size of 400 and is considered accurate to within 4.9 percentage points 95 times out of 100.

“There were no significant differences in responses from urban and rural residents. The results of this poll are consistent with other Nova Scotian public opinion surveys on forestry practices.

“The same poll also found strong public opposition to the use of forest biomass for electricity generation within the province (64%) and near universal support for a total ban on exporting Nova Scotia forest biomass for use in foreign power plants (83%).”

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The Press Release includes links to the specific questions and the detailed results compiled by Corporate Research Associates. This is in contrast to Forest Nova Scotia’s reference to, but not showing details of a poll conducted by Corporate Research Associates which purportedly indicated a high degree of public confidence in the way forestry is conducted in Nova Scotia.

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