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A “public consultation” on Nova Scotia’s “Old-Growth Forest Policy” was announced 9 Nov 2021. It was limited to a ‘submit your comments’ process, with those due on Dec 8, 2021.

From NRR:
News Release
Draft: updated Old Forest Policy
This item seems to be no longer available and is not now listed on the DSNRR Old Growth Page (May 14, 2022). There is a copy of it attached to the HFN/NSWFS submission
Old Growth Forest of Nova Scotia Story Map
This page is still listed on the DSNRR Old Growth Page but the link does not work (May 14, 2022)
Old Growth – page on NRR website
NRR Twitter Post

Comments and reports on others’ comments on NSFN 

More comments on the draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy: On What was seen at Squirreltown Road 8Dec2021

Comments on the draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy: Annapolis Ecology Group founder Bev Wigney 7Dec2021

Comments on the draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy: Nina Newington from tent in storm 7Dec2021

On the draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy: Some of what others are saying 6Dec2021

Comment 2 on the draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy: on the significance of historic blowdowns and Pit and Mound topography 5Dec2021

The draft Nova Scotia Old Growth Forest Policy is weak on conservation of old forest species 1Dec2021

Movement on implementing Lahey: public consultation on Nova Scotia’s “Old-Growth Forest Policy” announced 9 Nov2021

Other comments received by NSFN or posted on publicly accessible social media pages

Comments on the proposed Old Growth Forest Policy submitted on Dec 8, 2021 on behalf of the Halifax Field Naturalists and the Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society
by David Patriquin, Dec 8, 2021

Proposed Old Growth Forest Policy 2021: Ecology Action Centre Responses
December 7, 2021

Helga Guderley on the proposed Old growth Forest Policy
Dec 7, 2021

Pauline Raven on Old Growth Forestry Policy
Dec 8, 2021

Comments by Prof. Karen Beazley
Prof Karen Beazley posted the text of her submission on Dec 12 in a discussion on the Healthy Forest Coalition Facebook Page (see Facebook post). I have copied them onto a separate page on NSFN

Comments by Simon Ryder-Burbidge
Dec 7, 2021


MTRI Three Part Series on Old Growth

Wandering Through Ancient Woods: A Step Back from Management
You Tube Video Dec 3, 2021. “Our first episode features Jim and Margaret Drescher as they lead us around Windhorse Farm (Bridgewater, Nova Scotia) questioning the importance of forest management and reconnecting us with these ancient woods.”

Wandering Through Ancient Woods: An Introduction to Old-Growth
You Tube Video Dec 4, 2021. “Our second episode features Dr. Peter Duinker* from Dalhousie University introducing us to old growth, what makes these forests awesome, and the drafted Old-Growth Forest Policy for Nova Scotia (currently in public consultation).”
*Not cited in the description for the video, Peter Duinker was apparently the author or an author of the new policy. No author is cited in the text of policy document itself, but an “Author” is identified in the Document Properties (metadata for the document) as “Peter Duinker”.  

Wandering Through Ancient Woods: Hearing the Forest’s Stories
You Tube Video Dec 5, 2021 “Our third and final episode features Pipukwes Latto’law, Raymond Sewell, from Saint Mary’s University sharing the stories of the Mi’kmaq peoples, his culture’s deep connection to the forest, and the wisdom the forest shares with all of us.”