MTRI Summer Seminar Series features Forest Biodiversity Management , Recreational Fisheries, Legal Context of “Habitat”, Highways/Landscape Connectivity 6Jul2020

MTRI poster for July 9 presentation

Amongst some of the positive things we are learning to do in the Covid-19 era is near GHG-free meetings, discussions, lectures etc. I have been really enjoying the Medway Community Forest Coop Seminar Series and now MTRI (Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute) is sending out invitations to participate in their upcoming Summer Seminar Series. For July, the topics are

July 9, 2020: Biodiversity Management in the Medway Community Forest
Presented by Jennika Hunsinger

July 16, 2020: International and other Diverse Perspectives on Recreational Fisheries
Presented by Thomas Sweeney

July 23, 2020: Defining the word “Habitat” and its Consequences in a legal Context in Nova Scotia
Presented by Nick Knutson

July 30, 2020: Nova Scotia Highway Connectivity and the Impacts on Wildlife
Presented by Megan Pagniello

“To register, or for further information, please e-mail”


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