A Brief History

‘Workin on it.

Following is a brief history of the Government response to the Lahey Report and some of the perceptions in the public domain as documented on NSFN and In the News

Apr 27, 2017
The Liberal Government announces in its budget address that there would be an Independent Review of Forest Practices (Post Apr 27, 2017)

– In the meantime, temporary extensions were apparently granted to WestFor, but with restrictions: a reduction in allocation, and elimination of unused allocation. This is said to have posed “shock and concern …to mills that employ thousands of Nova Scotians in rural Nova Scotia.” View Six month extension given to WestFor to operate in SW Nova Scotia but with a reduction in allocation (post on this website, Nov 3, 2017).

– It’s not clear whether another extension was granted but there was very little harvesting on Crown lands in SW Nova Scotia from the end of March 2018 through August 2018 (View Post, Oct 4, 2018)

July 26, 2017
European insects ravaging Nova Scotia beech trees
Aug 6, 2017
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid is now in SW Nova Scotia, raising the possibility or even liklehood of the collapse of a keystone species; too late for consideration by the Independent Review

Aug 21, 2018
The Report for the Independent Review was submitted to government and simultaneously released to the public.

Sep 17, 2018
Short lived L&F on-the-ground response to Lahey Report In a CBC post – Nova Scotia ‘serious about reducing’ clear cutting: email, Michael Gorman reported that “Work has started behind the scenes in Nova Scotia to reduce clear cutting on Crown land, a month after a review recommended much stricter ecological management of lands owned by the province.” It was short lived: Forestry minister, premier downplay email about clear-cutting reductions
Michael Gorman · CBC News · Posted: Sep 18, 2018. View NSFN Post, Sep 19, 2020 for more details

Sep 2018
Uptick in logging on crown lands in SW Nova Scotia in September 2018 (Post, Oct 4, 2018)

Sep 24, 2018
Emerald Ash Borer in Nova Scotia

Oct 1, 2018
WestFor gets a one year renewal on Oct 1, 2018, not announced publicly but revealed in later CBC Interviews (Post, Nov 7, 2018).

Portia Clark (CBC) asked “Are there any significant changes in the new agreement that reflect the conclusions of the Lahey report?
Marcus Zwicker (WestFor): “No…because the province hasn’t indicated publicly what recommendations it will be implementing out of the Report.”

From Sept though Oct and Nov 2018
Increasing public frustration with the lack of on-the-ground response to the Lahey Report, e.g.,  concerns raised about cutting very close to Protected Areas, cutting in deer-wintering grounds, cutting of a mature to Old Growth hardwood forest, cutting near Wagner’s Lake in Shelburne Co

From CBC Interview with Bill Lahey, Nov 16, 2018 (view NSFN Post Nov 19, 2020:

CBC Some people are concerned…that significantly more Crown land could be cut while we are waiting for the government to respond. How much do you share those concerns…?

BL…the more activity that takes place in the forest without clarity on whether or not the shift that we have called for is going to be implemented, the more skepticism there will be about whether or not that activity lines up with the approach that the report calls for.

Oct 29, 2018
Rising Tensions over possible closure of Northern Pulp in 2020

Dec 3, 2018: The Nova Scotia Government responds to The Lahey Report
Three documents of 10 pages in total were issued:
1. Press release
2. Government Response To the Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia (5 pages)
3. Interim Retention Guide Nova Scotia Crown Land (4 pages)

Dec 17, 2018
More Old Growth forest on Nova Scotia Crown land on the chopping (or chipping) block

Dec 17, 2018
Crown land forest harvest proposed for Hardwood Hill (Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia) nixed
It’s been a rare occurrence that a proposed harvest is completely withdrawn, but here’s one to celebrate; unfortunately it was followed almost immediately by another proposed harvest likely to cause a lot of stress