Against Glyphosate: A Lawrence Powell Video produced for Nova Scotia’s Annapolis County 16Sep2020

UPDATE Sep 17, 2020: Herbicide spraying cancelled again in Nova Scotia due to protests
Emma Smith · CBC News “Province says 377 hectares of woodland in Annapolis County won’t be sprayed this year”
Lawrence Powell: “I visited the Eel Weir Lake site slated for glyphosate spraying. Here’s what I saw”

Description: Residents of Annapolis County are opposed to the spraying of glyphosate on recently clearcut lands near Eel Weir Lake and Paradise Lake on the South Mountain near Lawrencetown. Members of Annapolis County Extinction Rebellion are occupying the sites in an effort to halt the spraying that has been approved by the province. Annapolis County Warden Timothy Habinski visited the Eel Weir site Sept. 15 — a week after municipal council asked the province to halt spraying and ban glyphosate.

Justine Kerr: I love the water, I love the land and I am scared because we are ruining it. If we have no trees, we will have no water and then we will have no humanity. And it’s as clear as that.

Indeed, it is as clear as that.

 The Herbicide Barren Travis McLeod describes his shock on encountering a strip of young forest that had been sprayed the previous fall.  “[It was] a wasted zone between two vibrant green areas. It was without songbirds, without any small mammals” Photo from a video placed on Facebook by TM. 
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Thx Lawrence Powell, Thx Annapolis Co., Thx to Annapolis County Extinction Rebellion and other folks who are occupying the sites in an effort to halt the spraying.

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Opposition to glyphosate spraying growing in Annapolis County
On CBC Info AM Sep 15, 2020 “Warden Timothy Habinski explains why municipal councillors in Annapolis County are urging the province to end the practice of glyphosate spraying there. Host Portia Clark also spoke with Nina Newington, who is camping out on land that’s slated to be sprayed.”

Spraying and clearcutting in Nova Scotia, continued 11Sep2020
Post on NSFN Dep 11, 2020

Protestors occupy site scheduled for forest spraying in Nova Scotia 2Sep2020…& Co. decides NOT to spray
Post on NSFN Sep 2, 2020

 The Herbicide Barren In a CBC Info-AM interview, on Sep 2, 2020, outdoorsman Trevor McLeod described his shock on encountering the barrenness of a strip of young forest in Upper Musquodobit that had been sprayed the year before. View Abbreviated transcript here.  CBC said they have requested a response from Lands and Forestry; so far we haven’t heard from them.

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