Nova Scotia AG Report on followup of 2015/6 recommendations: zero of 5 recs completed for Species at Risk 26Mar2019

From: Report of the Auditor General to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, Follow-up of 2015 and 2016 Recommendations (submitted March 26, 2019):

1.10 The following recommendations from our 2016 species at risk audit have not been completed. The Department of Lands and Forestry needs to
• establish recovery teams, and develop and review recovery and management plans for species at risk, as required under the Endangered Species Act
• implement a process for communicating with recovery teams, including the method of communication and response time. Natural Resources management should tell teams how they plan to address the concerns teams identify or why changes will not be made
• review all species listed in the Endangered Species Regulations and amend or develop appropriate practices, as guided by recovery plans, to protect their habitat
• create a comprehensive monitoring program for all species at risk and ensure monitoring activities are clearly communicated and completed as planned
• establish detailed action plans with measurable outcomes to implement its biodiversity strategy. Plans should specify what needs to be done, when, and expected results

1.11 By not completing these recommendations, there is a risk that endangered species are not being properly monitored and preserved. We encourage the Department of Lands and Forestry to work towards the completion of the recommendations.

I wonder if the AG is included in Minister Rankin’s groups of dissenters: “There will always be groups that aren’t happy with certain treatments in certain areas” (CBC News, Mar 25, 2019).


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A tip of the hat to Timothy Gillespie for highlighting the AG Report on Stop Spraying & Clear-Cutting In Nova Scotia

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