BW: Blast from the Past 15Dec2020

HERE’S A BLAST FROM THE PAST:: This afternoon, a friend sent a document to me that was sent to her by a friend who had saved this in his filing cabinet for almost 40 years. It is highly relevant to the Moose Blockade and the core Mainland Moose habitat which Bob Bancroft and friends and associates have mapped out over the past few weeks. I will transcribe the document for anyone who can’t see the scan well enough. It is a petition from 1981, AGAINST the building of a road in the VERY SAME AREA that Bob Bancroft and others have identified at core moose habitat. The information is very interesting. I hope you will all read it. I’ve made a map to accompany the document. Fifth Lake is at the upper left. Moosehide Lake (the actual name of the lake as Moosehead is up around Liscomb Game Reserve) is on the Right. The area which Westfor intends to log is all through there. Anyhow, read the document and see what you think. It made me sort of sick to think that even 39 years ago, people realized the importance of NOT building a road into the last refuge of the Mainland Moose, and yet here we are today, fighting like mad against government and corporations to try to make them STOP cutting into the last of what is left for the moose in southwest Nova Scotia. How SICK is that? Will the greed never end until the last Moose is DEAD AND GONE???

DIGBY EAST FISH & GAME ASSOCIATION. Box 1082, Digby, Nova Scotia.
August 31, 1981
A very important issue has just been brought to our attention. It concerns a Mining Operation that is scheduled to take place in our very backyard! A Company has been issued a permit to build a road and explore for minerals in what we consider to be the last pocket of Wilderness left in Nova Scotia.
The Area, in question, is in back of Fifth Lake and extends all the way to Moosehead [Moosehide] Lake. This falls into the Tobeatic Game Sanctuary Management Area and includes the last pod of Moose left in South West Nova Scotia (which number in the vicinity of 200). This is also the Area chosen for the release of our Wild Turkeys which are scheduled to be released later in the Year. We are opposed to the building of any road and making the last interior Wilderness, in our Province, accessible by land vehicles.