New pages on Nova Scotia Forest Notes and more on the Old Forest Policy “Polygon Problem” 19Jan2019

I have added two new pages (or sets of pages) under the main menu: Social Media Posts and What is Old Growth?

Social Media Posts is a listing of newsy or especially informative posts and discussion threads on Social Media as I encounter them.

What is Old Growth? seemed timely, given the several cases in the last few months  in which it has been have discovered that harvests proposed via the HPMV include patches of Old Growth (e.g., NSFN Post Dec 18, 2018), or  dating back to Danny George in the spring of 2018 when he contended that Old growth on FSC certified Crown land in eastern Nova Scotia had actually been cut which was confirmed after some time by NSDNR/L&F.

Several Social Media groups organized around NS Natural History and Forestry have begun to do their own ground-truthing of proposed harvests and are asking How do we know it’s Old Growth, and How can we document it, or questions to that effect.  So I am making a stab at them, based largely on my own field experience trying to answer the same questions.

The topic of What is Old Growth came up in a recent discussion on Social Media  which L&F Minister Iain Rankin was apparently following, and he responded positively to a comment I made about the “Polygon Problem” in relation to NSDNR/L&F’s Old Forest Policy protocols.

In a page under What is Old Growth? I describe the “Polygon Problem” in more detail. View The Polygon Problem.


Given a number of recent posts on NSFN, some may wonder what happened to my intention to Get out of Dodge for a while.

I was cut off at the pass, but figure I will be on my way soon.

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