Forest Fire in Medway Communty Forest near Kejimkujik National Park

“The leader of a community co-operative that manages forest near Kejimkujik National Park says the forest fires burning since Thursday are a “tough hit,” but not unexpected…The part of the forest believed to have first caught fire had black spruce and balsam fir trees, similar to that of a boreal forest, co-op manager Mary Jane Rodger said Saturday.” View CBC News Aug 7, 2016. (However don’t buy DNR’s position that fires are natural over more than 40% of the province and are simulated by clearcutting. See Nova Scotia’s Fiery Past: Why early wildfires ignited by our ancestors should not justify modern clearcutting practices.)
Aug 10: More fires break out in southwestern Nova Scotia
Aug 11: Forest fire near Kejimkujik burns entire Christmas tree farm

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