Healthy Forest Coalition’s three recommendations to protect Mainland Moose in SW Nova Scotia 25Oct2020

“Here’s a photo from Oct 12, 2020. Taken in the Tobeatic Wilderness Area! It’s been reported.” @NickKnutsonNS on Twitter Oct 20, 2020

UPDATE, OCT 27, 2020: Checking in with the blockade for mainland moose (audio)
CBC Info AM, OCT 27, 2020
From Mike Lancaster on The Healthy Forest Coalition Facebook Page, Oct 23, 2020

This move to clearcut this crucial connective forest between the Tobeatic and Silver River Wilderness Area is exemplary of the broader issues affecting public forestry in Nova Scotia. There must be a halt to even-aged treatments and the construction of new forestry roads on public land until the new silvicultural guides are finalized. Foresty has it’s place and is a valuable component of our rural economies, this is not it.

The area in question is one of the few places of Nova Scotia that is largely unfragmented by roads. Once new roads are built the impact on the area lasts for many years to come. Doing so facilitates the infiltration of white-tailed deer, poachers, and recreation-based impacts that where they were previously absent, or minimal.

The HFC is calling for three things to occur:

  1. Deferral of cutting and road building until more review of this area can occur.
  2. Assessment of Protected Areas potential for connective tissues and the expansion of Silver River Wilderness Area.
  3. The transferral of responsibility for wildlife and SAR out of forestry portfolio as incidents like this are not acceptable. Species like the mainland moose, teetering on the brink of expiration from Nova Scotia, cannot afford this ongoing loss of habitat.

Make sense. Thx ML & HFC


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