HPF Carbon

Post by Addie R. Campaigne in Healthy Forest Coalition website

Canada has set the price of carbon at $50/tonne for 2022. If we had a carbon market in place and utilised it fairly, the plan that NS Dept of Lands and Forestry has planned for crown land forests will cost 9 million per year to carry out. High Production Forestry Plan phase-1 calls for clear cutting 333 thousand hectares for spruce plantations. And they specify in their discussion paper that it must be prime crown land forest. Forestry Research and Engineering: International Journal Volume 2 Issue 3 – 2018 gives the sequestering capabilities of one hectare of 25 yr. old NE American forest at 542 kg/yr/hectare. So yes. The Maritimes is losing carbon more and more every year and the Forestry Industrialists pay nothing for all that carbon. Inversely the woodlot owners who dont want to cut are not being compensated for their carbon sink. (333000 hectares x 542 kg/hectare/year = 180486000 kg/year = 180486 tonnes/year. At $50/tonne 180486 * 50 = $9024300/year.
Over $9 million/year our HPF Plan phase 1 would have to pay every year. HPF must be abandoned. Ban clearcutting. Ban spraying.