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Hefler Forest Products to restart sawmill

Since its rebirth following bankruptcy of the once family owned, 150 year old operation in Lower Sackville, N.S., Hefler Forest products has been running on the profitable biomass energy operation alone. (View post, Aug 3, 2017). Now, according to an … Continue reading

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Clearcut Nova Scotia continued..17July2017 & how much wood can be harvested from one hectare

How much wood? Plenty, but not on 50-year rotations! With promises of “the right balance” at some time in the future, clearcutting on Crown land continues unabated including cuts close to Protected Areas. The latest announcement cites plans for 48 … Continue reading

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CBC InfoA.M. attempts to sort out issues between smaller private owners and operators and the WestFor consortium – #3 The Government view

Deputy Minister Julie Towers defends NSDNR CBC Halifax Information Morning has carried several lengthy interviews recently to do with the state of forestry in Nova Scotia, and in particular controversies surrounding cutting on the Western Crown lands by the WestFor … Continue reading

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Protected Areas in Nova Scotia help to mitigate climate change, clearcuts do not.

A modelling study shows that Protected Areas increase carbon storage, clearcuts reduce carbon storage A paper by Robert Cameron of NSE and Peter Bush of NSDNR, published last year, suggests 112 million tonnes of carbon is sequestered (stored) in existing … Continue reading

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Neal Livingston: We need good public policy to drive the transition to better forestry in Nova Scotia

Specifics are given in an 8-stage plan to transition from clearcutting to a selection cutting forest economy Margaree Environmental Association activist, woodlot owner, power producer and filmmaker Neal Livingston, interviewed about forestry on the Sheldon Macleod show the day after … Continue reading

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Highway tolls could destroy western Nova Scotia’s sawmill industry

…says Barrett Lumber Company’s David Barrett, reported in the CH Jan 31, 2017. He ” penned an open letter to provincial and federal politicians, warning that highway tolls would cause the “complete destruction,” of western Nova Scotia’s sawmill industry.” Read … Continue reading

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Forest NS releases industry economic impact analysis

Good PR but the report lacks critical analysis “Over the past year, Forest Nova Scotia worked with Gardner Pinfold Consultants to conduct an analysis of the economic impact of the Nova Scotia Forest Industry. The results, finalized in December of … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia hopeful our limited crown land remains an asset in trade talks

“[Nova Scotia Trade Minister Michel] Samson, Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines, as well as representatives from the provincial lumber industry travelled to the U.S. capitol to meet with David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, and Zoltan van Heyningen, … Continue reading

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