More options for the private woodlot owners – and our forests

Will Martin explains Woodcamp

Will Martin explains Woodscamp at Open Forest Day (June 25, 2016)

An article in the CH today highlights a new Nova Scotian business called Woodscamp, which offers “an online marketplace for landowners and loggers”

Co-owner Allistair Jarvis comments: “One of the things that characterizes those exchanges [between a private woodlot owner and a mill seeking wood] is the asymmetrical information. Mill owners understand the value of timber and they know what the market demands. Land owners don’t have that information, especially if they’re not working the land on a consistent basis.”

Co-owner Will Martin comments: “The status quo is to clearcut the whole lot, regardless of what other values are at play…I realized that if I wanted to see a more sustainable forestry practice that incorporates a wider set of values, then I had to be part of creating a new business model.”

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I can only wish success for their business, and with it better outcomes for both private woodlot owners and our forests.

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