Environmental Assessment

On NRR’s Ecological Forestry Page (Dec 10, 2021)

Environmental Assessment

To develop a proposed regulatory framework, for government’s consideration, to review Crown land forest stewardship plans by applicable Crown forest agreement holders either as a Class II environmental Assessment (EA) under the Environment Act or in a process that is similar to the Class II process.

Progress to date:

  • RFP issued in January 2020 to hire a consultant to develop a guide for the preparation of 20- year forest stewardship plans
  • NorthWinds Environmental Services engaged in April 2020 to develop draft guide
  • Working on identifying regulatory options
  • Next Step:
    • complete draft guide
    • stakeholder consultation

View these comments on NSFN:

Draft Nova Scotia Forestry EA Process surfaces 21May2021

An assessment of Nova Scotia L&F’s progress in implementing Ecological Forestry in response to the Lahey Report, Part 3: The Project Muddle 8Sep2020

To date, it’s a sleeper.