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Forestry becoming an election issue in Nova Scotia

The N.S. Liberals made some key environmental commitments on April 8 including Maintaining the moratorium on fracking (the Liberal government introduced a moratorium on fracking in 2014);. Introducing a new Coastal Protection Act; Introducing a new Biodiversity Act and launching … Continue reading

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Independent review of forestry announced in Nova Scotia budget address

“Government will also appoint an independent expert to review our forestry practices to ensure we strike the right balance for our forests. This review will get underway as soon as possible, starting first in the western region. No future long-term … Continue reading

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WestFor Interim Agreement extended to Sep. 2017

A CBC report this a.m. indicated that the long term agreement being negotiated with WestFor to access and manage the Western Crown Lands has been extended to Sept., thereby placing the final decision until after an election likely to be … Continue reading

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WestFor makes its case to Queens County

An article by Michael Lee, WestFor manager defends clearcutting practices, in the Apr 5, 2017 print version of LighthouseNow describes a presentation to Council for the Region of Queens Municipality by WestFor Manager Marcus Zwicker. (The article is not available … Continue reading

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WestFor makes its case to Digby Municipal Council

In an article in the Digby Courier Sara Ericsson reports on a Mar 28, 2017 presentation by the WestFor General Manager, Marcus Zwicker, to Digby Municipal Council on its business and methods. This followed concerns about the extent of clearcutting … Continue reading

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..29Mar2017

WestFor defended View Crown land prudence (CH, Mar 29, 2017). The author, whose name is cited at the end, fails to mention that he is co-owner of one the mills in the WestFor group. Odd: the general manager for WestFor, … Continue reading

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Softwood lumber woes

“Still left out in the dark, however, are Nova Scotia’s private wood lots owners” Well before the American election, our softwood lumber trade with the U.S. (worth circa $85M to Nova Scotia, and $4.6 billion to Canada at large) was … Continue reading

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LighthouseNOW article provides a little more clarity on pending WestFor Agreement

Negotiations with the Mi’kmaq community are required and appropriate. An article by Brittany Wentzell in LighthouseNOW, a Bridgewater and Lunenburg-based newspaper, provides some new info about the pending Forest Utilization Licence Agreement (FULA) that would give a consortium of 13 … Continue reading

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WestFor Lease still being negotiated – Hines

The impending WestFor lease has occupied a bit of attention recently, with Hines touring SW Nova Scotia and Annapolis and Digby Counties expressing concerns about clearcutting and the WestFor lease. I had wondered about the status of the Westfor lease … Continue reading

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Hines on “listening tour” of SW Nova Scotia

“We were talking about harvest methods, what the WestFor existence means to the area, and generally the state of the industry too” but, according to the article “When asked who approached who regarding the creation of the lease, Hines said … Continue reading

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