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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..31Jan2017

“So Nova Scotia’s forest industry is reporting more jobs and money lately. As a small woodlot owner and operator, I say, “Show me the money.” View READER’S CORNER: A fragile boom (CH Jan 31) “Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines proudly … Continue reading

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Forest NS releases industry economic impact analysis

Good PR but the report lacks critical analysis “Over the past year, Forest Nova Scotia worked with Gardner Pinfold Consultants to conduct an analysis of the economic impact of the Nova Scotia Forest Industry. The results, finalized in December of … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia’s Biofuel Bonanza

Using our forests to produce liquid fuels could well liquidate the forests themselves A NSDNR Press Release yesterday announced “A new study shows Nova Scotia has strong potential to develop an innovative biorefinery that produces an alternative fuel from renewable … Continue reading

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“Climate mitigation benefits of preserving family forests are potentially massive”

So says Brian Kittler in an article on Ecosystem Market Place. “Making up nearly half of the forestland in the country, family forests are a crucial part of the carbon sink. Relative to other private forest ownerships, the per-acre carbon … Continue reading

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How much forestry in Nova Scotia maintains mixed, multi-aged Acadian forest?

Not much View ADDENDUM (Jan 24, 2016) According to NSDNR, mixed, multiaged Acadian forests are the natural regimes on 51% of our landbase: Infrequent and/or gap disturbance regimes are dominant on 51% of the landbase and develop forest associations typical … Continue reading

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What’s a clearcut and what’s not a clearcut in Nova Scotia?

The answer depends on who you ask. Beginning in October of 2014, NSDNR has posted on its Harvest Operation Maps “maps on a county-by-county basis, that indicate where harvesting [on Crown land] will take place and what harvesting method will … Continue reading

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Has clearcutting on Crown land in Nova Scotia increased or decreased?

The answer may depend on what and who you ask. With the release of the Five-year Progress Report for the Natural Resources Strategy for Nova Scotia 2011-2020 in August, the government announced that the goal of reducing clearcutting on Crown … Continue reading

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Acadia Lifelong Learning: The Secret Life of Acadian Forest Flora

An article in the Kings County News highlights this short course that will be given by Melanie Priesnitz. From the

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Nova Scotia hopeful our limited crown land remains an asset in trade talks

“[Nova Scotia Trade Minister Michel] Samson, Natural Resources Minister Lloyd Hines, as well as representatives from the provincial lumber industry travelled to the U.S. capitol to meet with David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the United States, and Zoltan van Heyningen, … Continue reading

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Why to not believe the Nova Scotia government on extent and impacts of clear cutting

In an op-ed today (Sat, Jan 14, 2017), forest ecologist Donna Crossland states the concerns about clearcutting clearly and simply. She begins with two satellite images showing a startling level of clearcutting in the Cloud Lake area between 2001 and … Continue reading

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