Softwood lumber trade on the block again

“The last softwood lumber deal expired Oct. 12, 2015. The subsequent one-year litigation standstill period ended at midnight. Now the American lumber industry could file a petition with softwoodthe U.S. Department of Commerce as early as Thursday morning” [that apparently did not happen ]. (Global News: 5 things to know about Canada’s softwood lumber trade war with US.)

A U.S. view: “In the U.S. timber purchasers have to buy from private landowners or the forest service, but up north Canada controls roughly a third of its timber market allowing that country to subsidize its timber industry. U.S. producers end up paying 10 to 20 times more per standing tree.” See

I don’t know about the accuracy of those stats but the possibility the U.S could win its case makes me wonder about the extent to which we are squandering our public forestry resources and forcing our private woodlot owners to accept lower prices than their products are really worth.

Tip of the hat to P.L. for stimulating discussion of this topic.

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