PC Government moving ahead with protection of Owl’s Head and protection of 20% of Nova Scotia by 2030 18Jan2022

Good News worth noting 

From the PC’s commitments during the run-up to the August 2021 election

In an article on saltwire.com today, reporter Francis Campbell cited the  Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables Tory Rushton’s comments on Owls Head*
*Owl’s Head is a 285-hectare area of Crown land on the Eastern Shore that includes rare coastal barrens. The McNeil/Rankin Government  secretly delisted it from the Parks and Protected Areas Plan and was negotiating for its sale to an American golf course developer, a factor in the Liberal Government’s defeat in the August 2022 election.

“I’ve asked my department to prioritize this piece of land to move it forward,”Tory Rushton, Nova Scotia’s minister of natural resources and renewables, said after a cabinet meeting Thursday.

Rushton also mentioned movement on the PC Government’s commitment to protect 20% of Nova Scotia by 2030:

Rushton’s mandate letter from the premier upon being chosen to lead the department included a directive to protect at least 20 per cent of the total landand water mass of Nova Scotia for nature conservation by 2030.

“I can assure Nova Scotians  that we are working very close with theDepartment of Environment on this task,” Rushton said Thursday. “Each piece of land would deliver different obstacles and different steps but I’m very excited as to what we are going to be able to propose in this first full year of our mandate and in years to come.

View Crown land at Owls Head finally en route to protected status
Francis Campbell on saltwire.com (Subscription may be required).

It’s Good News worth noting in these days of mostly dismal news about the state our natural world – and  a lot good words but few actions to change direction.

Save Owl’s Head
Website with details about the Owls Head site and the recent history surrounding its possible sale to a US developer.

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