Nova Scotia Healthy Forest Coalition calls for Immediate Halt to Logging Operations in Moose Habitat at Rocky Point Lake 29Oct2021

Received today (Oct 29, 2021) from HFC:

The HFC Demands Immediate Halt to Logging Operations in Moose Habitat at Rocky Point LakeLogging has begun near Rocky Point Lake in the New France area of Digby County. Over six hundred and thirty eight acres, or almost 500 football fields, are scheduled for clearcutting and other even-aged harvests. Crucial habitat for the endangered Mainland moose is being destroyed. Some of the last wildlife connectivity between the Tobeatic and Silver River Wilderness Areas will be lost.

The Healthy Forest Coalition (HFC) is calling on the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables to halt this harvesting activity immediately.

A year ago, the proposed clearcutting of these forests on Crown Land south of Fourth Lake was met with tremendous public opposition. Moose were known to frequent the area. They are still in the area. Nothing has changed except that another year has passed with no actions on the ground toward ecological forestry, nor the legally required identification and protection of core Mainland moose habitat. The biodiversity and climate crises are worsening.

One thing has changed for the better: awareness of Canada’s shameful treatment of Indigenous peoples and the necessity of mending our ways. A year ago, the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs wrote to the Minister of Lands and Forestry regarding harvesting in this area. Included in the letter was the following crucial assertion of rights:

“The Assembly demands that any operations at Fourth Lake halt until a full mainland moose assessment is done – taking into consideration new evidence that has come to light respecting habitat and breeding concerns in this area. The Assembly asserts s.35 rights to moose stewardship and therefore requires Consultation respecting potential moose activity in this area based on new evidence.”

To the best of our knowledge no such Consultation has taken place. The Assembly’s demand is being ignored.

The HFC calls on the Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, the Honourable Tory Rushton, to demonstrate the new government’s commitment to reconciliation and environmental stewardship by immediately honouring the Assembly’s demand.

In the words of Nature Nova Scotia’s petition, signed by 38,450 people to date:

“We demand that the Department of Lands and Forestry uphold the Endangered Species Act and immediately halt all harvest activities that result in heavy removals (e.g. clearcuts and even-aged harvests) on crown lands between Fourth Lake and the Napier River, where the presence of the Endangered Mainland Moose was recently confirmed by several biologists and naturalists.”

This moratorium on clearcutting in the area must continue until the Government has:

  • Consulted with the appropriate Mi’kmaw organizations
  • Identified and designated core habitat for the Mainland moose
  • Implemented the Lahey Report’s recommendations

If harvesting important moose shelter and food sources concern you, the following are ways you can get involved:

– Write or phone:

  • Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables, Tory Rushton –
  • Premier Tim Houston-
  • Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Tim Halman-
  • The leader of the opposition: Iain Rankin:
  • Auditor General, – (902) 424-5907

You can also copy (cc) your MLA: Find your MLA here: and contact info here:

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