Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..24Feb2017

Re-assurances all is OK

In an Op-ed, Kingsley Brown (President of the Nova Scotia Landowners and Forest Fibre Producers Association) offers re-assurances that things are humming along just fine in forestry in Nova Scotia, apparently a little more optimistic than he was in a Feb 4 Op-ed (Nova Scotia forestry sector hangs by a thread – “The industry is currently so finely balanced that a decision in Shanghai could shut it down within 30 days, according to government and industry estimates. But there’s no sense of public urgency, not a peep in the legislature, no discussions in party caucuses, no letters to the premier or Department of Natural Resources minister.” Continue reading

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UK study identifies IPCC greenhouse gas accounting rules issue

Worse than coal

UPDATE Mar 16, 2017: Burning wood for energy ignites fierce academic row (BBC Mar 15, 2017). “Scientists on both sides of the Atlantic have become embroiled in a war of words over energy from trees.”
Feb 23, 2017 post: A report by Duncan Brack for Clatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) identifies the flaw in the IPCC greenhouse gas accounting rules that allow bioenergy from primary forest biomass to be counted as carbon neutral. In fact bioenergy generated from primary forest biomass emits more carbon per unit of energy than most fossil fuels over the time interval in which it is most critical to reduce GHG emissions.

It’s not really “news”, but sooner or later, this reality will impact markets and international GHG agreements. The report moves us another step.

‘Time to get ahead of the curve, Nova Scotia. Continue reading

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Nova Scotia’s Biorefinery Plan cites full-tree harvesting, other requirements to make it competitive

Nova Scotia’s Biorefinery Plan cites a condensed softwood sawmill industry, full-tree harvesting, a 2+% mandate for biodiesel, slacker Allowable Gross Vehicle Weight regulations to make it competitive, but is vague on role of primary forest biomass and short on carbon accounting; senior NSDNR bureaucrats have been directly involved in developing the plan.

In an earlier post ( Nova Scotia’s Biofuel Bonanza, Jan 27, 2017), I commented on a NSDNR Press Release extolling the prospects for developing “an innovative biorefinery that produces an alternative fuel from renewable sources of fibre” (See NSDNR: Innovation Hub Makes First Year Progress, Jan 26, 2017). Continue reading

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Sunday, March 5, 2017: Council of Canadians Panel #2: Clearcutting – What’s Happening to Our NS Forests?

UPDATE: Meeting postponed because of weather, to April 2, 2017. See Events

Panelists and some of the audience at Council of Canadians Forestry Forum, Inverness, Dec 4, 2016

From Facebook Page:

A Panel Discussion followed by Q & A on Clearcutting: The Impact on Forest Ecology & Climate Change

2 p.m. at Inverness Volunteer Fire Hall, Central Avenue, Inverness, NS
Tea & Coffee Served
Everyone Welcome Continue reading

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New Brunswick’s Crown land deal regretted

Crown land forest management in NB.. or NS; same policies, same results

It seems the current NB government has its hands tied by a previous government making overly generous Crown land wood allocations. “The plan gave forestry companies increased wood allocations that were supposed to spur the creation of hundreds of new jobs, in part because of mill expansions. But environmentalists and private woodlot owners complained in 2014 that the plan, and resulting contracts signed with the largest companies, gave away too much.” View Gallant government ‘still making decisions’ about forest plan changes (CBC, Feb 17, 2017)
Continue reading

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Monday Feb. 27, 2017: The Forested Wetlands Project

Forested wetlandA developing Forested Wetlands Project will be the topic of a presentation by Logan Gray and Sydney Bliss to Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society, 7:30 p.m. at Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax; all welcome. View Details

“Forested wetlands are an important part of the broad coastal landscape of the Atlantic provinces. Although these habitats are likely to be as sensitive to disturbance as other wetlands, they have been overlooked and understudied. Because of the presence of trees and their more complex vegetation structure, forested wetlands are likely very diverse and and have distinctive aspects to their ecosystem functioning. Continue reading

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Nova Scotia Forestry Petition 2.0 calls for fundamental changes in forestry management on Crown lands

Petition targets clearcutting and WestFor license

UPDATE March 3: 1509 have signed on to the petition at change.org
Apparently there have been significant sign-on challenges at the change.org site, so HG informed me that she has also posted the petition at avaaz.org, worded slightly differently to suit the format. So sign on to one or the other if you wish to support the petition. Signing on at avaaz.org site is reportedly more straight-forward.


Helga Guderley with anti-forest biomass petition at NS Legislature, Nov 1, 2016.

Just a little under a year ago, St. Margaret’s Bay resident Helga Guderley launched a petition calling on Premier McNeil to stop using forest biomass for electrical power generation. It garnered over 25,000 signatures within 10 days. In the fall, a paper version was tabled in Nova Scotia Legislature.

The success of the petition elicited a Bruce McKinnon cartoon, and likely contributed to or at least speeded up the Nova Scotia Government decision to stop the Must-Run provision for the Pt. Tupper Biomass plant. The petition also mobilized a lot of public discontent around clearcutting in Nova Scotia which led to the formation of the Healthy Forest Coalition.

Yesterday (Feb 13, 2017) Guderley launched version 2.0, calling on the Premier to “Ban clear cutting on Crown land, favour selection management and cancel WestFor’s license”.

View Petition
Continue reading

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Small private woodlots are big contributors to forest economy in Finland, could be in NS

finlandgoogleReporter Michael Gorman talked to Harold Alexander about his trip to Finland in the fall to learn how small private woodlots are thriving in Finnland. “We have a forest policy right now that I think, for the most part, doesn’t pay enough attention to the small private woodlot sector,” says Alexander. But in Finnland, “small private woodlots account for 60 per cent of forests in Finland, yet they produce 80 per cent of annual harvests, something Alexander attributes to organization. Nova Scotia’s proportion of private ownership is similar, yet it lags far behind in terms of supply.” Read more in CBC news item Looking to the Finland model to find Nova Scotia’s forestry potential (Feb 13, 2017).

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia, continued..11 & 21 Feb,2017

Issues with maps, databases and penetrating NSDNR’s “Specialized Skills Firewall”

UPDATE Feb 23, 2017: View Op-ed by Bob Bancroft Public forests should not be private resource (CH Feb 21, 2017), in which he responds to Marcus Zwicker’s Op-ed, cited below.

Choices: two woodlots, two approaches to forest management in Nova Scotia. Which one would our grandchildren’s grandchildren want us to choose?

In Saturday’s CH, a retired NSDNR extension forester and a private industry forester continue the debate in the Letters and Op-ed columns about NSDNR’s forestry management. Both reference the Op-ed by Donna Crossland in the CH, Jan 14, 2017: Satellites reveal forest loss is more serious in N.S. than the government would have you believe.

Continue reading

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Feds’ Satellite Forest Monitoring Map illustrates intensity of forest harvesting in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotian forests appear to be the most intensively harvested in Canada, recently and historically – on the poorest soils

Opening page for interactive map at forests.foundryspatial.com/

The Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada, in partnership with University of British Columbia, and support from the Canadian Space Agency has developed an interactive Satellite Forest Monitoring Map showing changes in forest cover associated with fire, infrastructure, harvest and in an “Untyped” category for all of Canada over the interval 1985 to 2011.
Continue reading

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