Nova Scotia Environment looking for planner to lead achievement of 20% Protected Areas 8Nov2022

There has been very little info and essentially no public consultation coming from the government through 2022 in regard to fully implementing the Triad system of forest management by the beginning of 2023 (re: commitment stated in item 10c in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act of Oct 2021, and lots remains to be done (View post July 13, 2022).

A related commitment under item 10 –  (a) the protection of 20% of land and water area by 2030 and (b) a strategy for the same by December 31, 2023 – is highly relevant to the Triad.

The scuttle has been that “nothing is really happening” in regard to new Protected Areas but it seems the pressure is on, with the release of ad for a Planner to play a “leading role in developing and implementing various priorities directed towards legally designating new areas.”  It’s  a Term Position.  Read more on

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