Citizen Scientists discover SAR lichens and a new logging road in proposed protected area 25Nov2022

“A group of citizen scientists in Southwest Nova Scotia are asking the premier to freeze harvests and road-building immediately in the forests surrounding Goldsmith Lake in Annapolis County.

Drone view of the new road

“This patch of crown land on the South Mountain inland from Tupperville is known to biologists and local residents for its old, relatively undisturbed forests. It includes two provincially recognized patches of old-growth. Citizens, including a respected conservation planner, alerted the province to the high conservation value of the area earlier in the year. But on October 22nd, a group of citizen scientists out exploring and documenting the biodiversity of the western side of the lake came upon a brand new logging road. The Department of Natural Resources and Renewables has confirmed to Annapolis County MLA Carman Kerr that harvest plans for 1355 acres around the lake have been approved.

“In the month since the discovery of the road the group has identified eight occurrences of Species At Risk in the area…”

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