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How much forestry in Nova Scotia maintains mixed, multi-aged Acadian forest?

Not much View ADDENDUM (Jan 24, 2016) According to NSDNR, mixed, multiaged Acadian forests are the natural regimes on 51% of our landbase: Infrequent and/or gap disturbance regimes are dominant on 51% of the landbase and develop forest associations typical … Continue reading

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Acadia Lifelong Learning: The Secret Life of Acadian Forest Flora

An article in the Kings County News highlights this short course that will be given by Melanie Priesnitz. From the

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Protecting Nova Scotia’s true boreal forest

True boreal forest in Nova Scotia is special; “borealized” Acadian forest is not. We go to great efforts in Nova Scotia to “borealize” our native mixed Acadian forest by clearcutting on short rotations and use of herbicide to create even-aged, … Continue reading

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Readings from Maine: Mitch Lansky on managing forests to increase carbon capture and reduce carbon emissions

There is a lot of talk in the forest industry about using more wood in construction as a means of creating more markets and capturing more carbon to reduce climate warming. Unlike the claim that using forest biomass to generate … Continue reading

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