On NS TRIAD: What’s left to do to implement the Forest Triad in Nova Scotia by 2023? Plenty 13Jul2022

“Highgrading at the Landscape Level” in the vicinity of crown land block AP068499 Beals Meadow More Info

The recommendation to implement a “Forest Triad” in NS was a central recommendation of the Forest Practices Review (aka the Lahey report, The Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia) tabled on Aug 21, 2018.

Under the Liberals (2013-2021) a process was set up to implement the recommendations, all the while logging as normal continued. While the practices to be applied to the Ecological Matrix were fully worked out and published in July of 2021, it was not until recently, under the new PC Government (Aug 2021) that those became required practices on new Crown land harvests as of June 1, 2022– with a last ditch grab-the-old-way on already approved harvests.

So with less than 6 months left to 2023, what’s still needs to be done to implement the Triad by 2023?

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