Nova Scotia Forestry Economic Task Force wants feedback on opportunites, obstacles…7Oct2022

The Online Survey is open until Oct 25, 2022. I did the survey & felt it is well designed and worthwhile doing – if they actually follow up on it. I encourage the Forestry Economic Task Force to publish a report on the results.

We are hearing next to nothing about the final stages in implementation of the Lahey Recommendations with now less than 3 months to the complete actions promised in the Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act:

10 (c) to implement by 2023 an ecological forestry approach for Crown lands, consistent with the recommendations in “An Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia” prepared by William Lahey in 2018, through the triad model of forest management that prioritizes the sustainability of ecosystems and biodiversity in the Province; and;

10 (d) to identify by 2023 the percentage allocation of Crown land dedicated to each pillar of the triad model of forest management referred to in clause (c).


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