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What’s good for salmon is good for trees in Nova Scotia…and v. versa!

For the sake of the forests and salmon, it’s time for NSDNR/Westfor to heed the science and put the brakes on clearcutting in SW Nova Scotia. I was pleased to read in the Dec 2016 issue of Rural Delivery that … Continue reading

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Woodlot owners in SW Nova Scotia say Westfor lease works against them

“It’s been nearly a year since a consortium of Nova Scotian mills and forestry companies formed WestFor Management Inc. but concerns about what the company means for the industry aren’t letting up. “Travis Parsons, one of the largest private woodlot … Continue reading

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A skeptical view of NSDNR’s Forest Management Planning Process

In an earlier post, I mused whether NSDNR has any forest management plans beyond the 10 years covered by recent fibre allocations for SW Nova Scotia. There is, apparently, a coordinated Forest Management Planning Process at NSDNR that extends even … Continue reading

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Port Hawkesbury Paper proud of FSC certification audit

“The Cape Breton paper company says it is the only industrial company in the Maritimes that’s independently certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Forest Management Standards. And in its fifth year of operation, the … Continue reading

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“WoodsCamp brings logging into the 21st Century”

UPDATE (Feb 13, 2017): NowNS: Online timber brokerage finds ways to make its mark. CH, Feb 13, 2017. UPDATE (Dec 20, 2016): ACOA backs WoodsCamp’s forestry effort Article in LighthouseNow by Gayle Wilson. Thx to MP for pointing it out. … Continue reading

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Authors comment on Nova Scotia forestry

Op-eds by two recognized authors of works related to forests and forestry are featured in the CH today: ‘Best management practices’ an insult by Mike Parker; and Spending our forest capital by Gary L Saunders. Parker’s “Show us the Science” … Continue reading

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A welcome change in NSDNR bureaucracy

A Press Release on Nov 30, 2016 announced several changes to deputy-level assignments including positions at NSDNR effective Dec 12, 2016. Julie Towers becomes deputy minister at NSDNR. She is currently CEO of Aboriginal Affairs and CEO of Immigrations and … Continue reading

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