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Protecting Nova Scotia’s true boreal forest

True boreal forest in Nova Scotia is special; “borealized” Acadian forest is not. We go to great efforts in Nova Scotia to “borealize” our native mixed Acadian forest by clearcutting on short rotations and use of herbicide to create even-aged, … Continue reading

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From molecules and cells to trees, forests, and tall buildings made of wood

Of all of the existing and potential uses of forest products, use of wood in construction is seemingly the most compatible with using our forests and forest products to sequester carbon and building on the natural strengths of a species … Continue reading

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Now NS Mining Association blames Parks & Protected Areas for economic woes

The overwhelming abundance of Parks and Protected Areas in Nova Scotia, 12% of our land area, is frequently cited as the reason intensive forestry is required on the rest, at least the rest that can’t be negotiated with private owners … Continue reading

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What’s good for salmon is good for trees in Nova Scotia…and v. versa!

For the sake of the forests and salmon, it’s time for NSDNR/Westfor to heed the science and put the brakes on clearcutting in SW Nova Scotia. I was pleased to read in the Dec 2016 issue of Rural Delivery that … Continue reading

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A skeptical view of NSDNR’s Forest Management Planning Process

In an earlier post, I mused whether NSDNR has any forest management plans beyond the 10 years covered by recent fibre allocations for SW Nova Scotia. There is, apparently, a coordinated Forest Management Planning Process at NSDNR that extends even … Continue reading

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“WoodsCamp brings logging into the 21st Century”

UPDATE (Feb 13, 2017): NowNS: Online timber brokerage finds ways to make its mark. CH, Feb 13, 2017. UPDATE (Dec 20, 2016): ACOA backs WoodsCamp’s forestry effort Article in LighthouseNow by Gayle Wilson. Thx to MP for pointing it out. … Continue reading

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Former Keji Science Chair defends Crown land management

In a CH Op-ed, a former science manager at Kejimkujik National Park and founding chairman of the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute Cooperative pays compliments to a former Senior Manager at Bowater Mersey Paper who is now a senior bureaucrat in … Continue reading

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Dale Prest: Open Up NS Cap & Trade to accommodate forest carbon capture

Dale Prest has highlighted a key change needed in Nova Scotia’s recently announced plan to adopt Cap and Trade: “Prest says the province needs to implement the right cap-and-trade system, one that openly trades with markets in Ontario, Quebec and … Continue reading

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Petition seeks to Stop the Clear-Cutting Near Kejimikujik Park

The petition to Honourable Lloyd Hines (Minister of Department of Natural Resources), Keith Irving (MLA Kings South) & the Honourable Stephen McNeil (Premier) was initiated by Jennah Larkin of Wolfville. She writes “It has been shown time and time again … Continue reading

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Cap and Trade could provide major incentive NOT to clearcut

In the November newsletter of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association (NSWOOA), Dale Prest appeals to readers to urge the province to adopt a Cap and Trade system of carbon accounting. “Well-designed climate change policy would give forest … Continue reading

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