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Hefler sale complicated, biomass power plant separated out

Is, or could the biomass plant become, a net emitter of GHGs compared to coal? Details of the sale of Helfler Forest Products operation in Lower Sackville NS are just emerging. The profitable biomass power plant will apparently be run … Continue reading

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Nova Scotia’s Biofuel Bonanza

Using our forests to produce liquid fuels could well liquidate the forests themselves A NSDNR Press Release yesterday announced “A new study shows Nova Scotia has strong potential to develop an innovative biorefinery that produces an alternative fuel from renewable … Continue reading

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Hard times for wood pellet industry in Nova Scotia

“It’s déjà vu all over again in Middle Musquodoboit as former wood pellet plant operator Scotia Atlantic Biomass Company’s assets go up for grabs…The wood pellet industry as a whole is hurting because a long-anticipated European growth in demand for … Continue reading

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Natural Resources Canada GHG Calculator confirms Nova Scotia forest bioenergy schemes are worse than coal

Just under a year ago a Press Release from NSP (Nova Scotia Power) indicated NSP planned to increase the proportion of electricity derived from biomass to 7% of the total, up from 2.8% in 2015, while reducing use of fossil … Continue reading

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Poll indicates strong support for restrictions on clearcutting in Nova Scotia

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Authors comment on Nova Scotia forestry

Op-eds by two recognized authors of works related to forests and forestry are featured in the CH today: ‘Best management practices’ an insult by Mike Parker; and Spending our forest capital by Gary L Saunders. Parker’s “Show us the Science” … Continue reading

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Council of Canadians asks: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable?

The Council of Canadians is sponsoring a panel discussion of a “Clear Cut Question”: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable? Panelists are Bob Bancroft, Richard Pearson and Mary Jane Rodgers. The discussion takes place Friday, November 18, 2016. 7-9 pm at the … Continue reading

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Anti-biomass petition tabled in Nova Scotia Legislature

The petition to stop using forest biomass for electrical power generation launched by St. Margaret’s Bay resident Helga Guderley in late February garnered over 25,000 signatures within 10 days, but could not be submitted to the Nova Scotia Legislature which … Continue reading

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Low oil prices and downturn in the European market affect Scotia Atlantic Biomass debt payment

“Scotia Atlantic Biomass Company announced it has received a Demand Notice from Cornwall Investments in the amount of CAD 6.35 million. According to the announcement, the company also received from Cornwall, a Notice of Intention to Enforce Security under Rule … Continue reading

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Progress Report did not highlight key priorities in NSDNR Business Plan

It’s curious (and concerning) that the recently released Progress Report on the 2011-2020 Natural Resources Strategy and the related Press Release dwell on feel-good items such as the Community Forest, establishing a Forest Biodiversity Science Advisory Committee and a new … Continue reading

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