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Margaret Miller new Minister of Nova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources

Well, I guess I won my bet (although no one took me up on it) that Lloyd Hines would not be reappointed Minister of Natural Resources in Stephen McNeil’s freshly re-elected government. The Premier announced the new cabinet today and … Continue reading

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Environmentalists see Liberals’ promised Biodiversity Act for Nova Scotia as a venue to moderate clearcutting

Freelance journalist Chris Benjamin has written extensively on environmental issues in Nova Scotia. In The Coast for June 8, he looks at the prospect that the new Liberal government will follow though on “decisive new actions” on environmental policy promised … Continue reading

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Clearcut on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore: “A relic from an uninformed time”

In the print edition of the South Shore Breaker, also available via the CH online, Zak Metcalfe writes about “a piece of public land a short distance outside Sheet Harbour, leased by our Department of Natural Resources to Northern Pulp”: … Continue reading

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Who is appointed Minister of Natural Resources will provide the first sign of what’s up post election for forestry and forests in Nova Scotia

The Liberals mustered a narrow majority in the May 30, 2017 election, so they will again be in the driver’s seat. My immediate question: who will be the Minister of Natural Resources? The answer will provide the first sign of … Continue reading

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Annapolis Co. Crown lands getting hit hard in latest round of proposed cuts

Just in: “[Have a look at the] latest update on the Harvest Plan Map Viewer. Lots of clearcutting proposed in Annapolis County – 35 parcels are posted, 399 Ha of cuts in total (partial and clearcut), 264 ha proposed for … Continue reading

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The Rhodora

On Being Asked, Whence Is the Flower? In May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes, I found the fresh Rhodora in the woods, Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook, To please the desert and the sluggish brook. The purple … Continue reading

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Thursday June 1: Nova Scotia wildlife advocate to talk on forestry 2 days post election

UPDATE (June 3, 2017) I missed this just pre-election Letters and Editorials item in the CH May 30, 2017: an Op-ed by Dale Smith (“The environment shell game“) in which he expresses skepticism about the environmental commitments made by the … Continue reading

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Gully Lake error & correction clarified, but not completely fixed?

Three blocks close to the Gully Lake Wilderness Area were initially identified as proposed clearcuts when they were posted on the Harvest Map Viwer on May 12, 2017. This caught the attention of Chris Miller, a national conservation biologist with … Continue reading

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Protected Areas in Nova Scotia help to mitigate climate change, clearcuts do not.

A modelling study shows that Protected Areas increase carbon storage, clearcuts reduce carbon storage A paper by Robert Cameron of NSE and Peter Bush of NSDNR, published last year, suggests 112 million tonnes of carbon is sequestered (stored) in existing … Continue reading

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Sadness in the voices of Nova Scotians commenting on clearcutting

CBC Mainstreet NS aired some of many comments received following Bob Murphy’s interviews with Raymond Plourde and Karen Beazley concerning proposed clearcuts close to the Gully Lake Wilderness Area. I was particularly struck by the profound sense of sadness conveyed … Continue reading

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