Nova Scotia Forest Notes: a record of goings-on in forests and forestry in Nova Scotia 21Jun2016-21Jun2022

Wabanaki Forest Love Affair Yellow Birch at left, and Eastern Hemlock at right on a mound in old forest by Sandy Lake (Bedford) More about it here.

A new blog/website has been set up at which  focuses on the unfolding of the Triad in NS


This blog/website was created on June 21, 2016;  I stopped updating it on June 21, 2022. As such it provides a record of sorts of goings-on related to forests and forestry in Nova Scotia over that interval.

It will be maintained at this URL ( until July 21, 2024.

The site is archived regularly on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine so by July 2024 all of the material currently on the site will still be in that archive. The website on the archive is essentially a perfect replica of this one – it is searchable,  and can be viewed in different stages of its development.

Items on this blog/website that are posted chronologically are (i) links to news items, found under   In the News and its subpages; and (ii) “posts” (the blog component of the website), found under About this Site/All Posts

I am not leaving the topic of forestry in NS entirely. I have set up a new blog/website at which will focus on the unfolding of the Triad in NS over the next few years.  That seems appropriate as was initiated before the Lahey process  (The Independent Review of Forest Practices in Nova Scotia) was conceived, and I have followed it for now almost 4 years beyond when the ‘Lahey Report‘ was tabled (Aug 21,  2018).

I post various natural history materials on several websites I currently maintain or contribute to (see

– david p
(aka JackPine, JackPine22)

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