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Softwood lumber update: sales to U.S. still high

In the business section of the Chronicle Herald, James Risdon looks at the market for N.S. softwood lumber south of the border. “Booming softwood lumber prices are letting Canadian producers carry on business as usual…South of the border, lumber prices … Continue reading

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In Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Sunday Aug 20: Forest Market and Fair

The Medway Community Forest Cooperative is holding their first annual Forest Market and Fair at the Annapolis Royal Farmer’s Market grounds on Sunday, August 20th from 11:00am-2:00pm. Visitors are invited to Explore the amazing diversity of goods and services that … Continue reading

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‘Looks like the Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia, pellet plant will reopen

UPDATE AUG 25, 2017: The deal is still in the works “likely to be finalized within about a month.” (Chronicle Herald Aug 24, 2017). The last we heard was that “it’s déjà vu all over again in Middle Musquodoboit as … Continue reading

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Lessons for Nova Scotia from private land forestry in Finland

(Augmented Aug 8, 2017) Digby County forester Harold Alexander has provided a report on his investigatory trip to Finland last fall, conducted with a view to “learn why that country’s forestry well outpaces the performance of ours, yet remains sustainable … Continue reading

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Biomass plant brings in the bucks for the reborn Hefler Forest Products, another biomass plant envisaged

The 150 year old Hefler Forest Products in Sackville, Nova Scotia, accumulated over $30 million in debt and went under creditor protection in 2016, but the 3.1 megawatt biomass power plant it operated remained profitable. Prospective buyers wanted to separate … Continue reading

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Cellufuel wants access to Nova Scotia’s “Inactive Forests”

Cellufuel, the Nova Scotia business heavily backed by government funding that wants to produce synthetic fuels from forestry sources in Nova Scotia, has had to “shutter its plant and layoff staff” according to a news report by Devin Stevins in … Continue reading

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New group of private woodlot owners and contractors in SW Nova Scotia challenge WestFor deal

An article by Brittany Wentzell in LighthouseNow reports on a meeting “held on July 19 in the Forties to address issues woodlot owners, foresters and contractors say they have faced since the consortium of 13 mills formed and began cutting … Continue reading

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Low wood volumes harvested from Crown land explained

In an earlier post I had remarked on the apparently low wood volumes harvested from Crown land compared to private land in Nova Scotia, and that I had submitted a request to NSDNR for an explanation. I received this explanation … Continue reading

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Clearcut Nova Scotia continued..17July2017 & how much wood can be harvested from one hectare

How much wood? Plenty, but not on 50-year rotations! With promises of “the right balance” at some time in the future, clearcutting on Crown land continues unabated including cuts close to Protected Areas. The latest announcement cites plans for 48 … Continue reading

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Private woodlot owners elsewhere want Nova Scotia’s deal with the U.S.

Nova Scotia, along with PEI and Newfoundland, has managed to maintain its exemption from U.S. softwood duties (still to be confirmed, however) on the basis that most of the wood comes from private land. Producers in Central and Western Canada … Continue reading

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