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Cellufuel wants access to Nova Scotia’s “Inactive Forests”

Cellufuel, the Nova Scotia business heavily backed by government funding that wants to produce synthetic fuels from forestry sources in Nova Scotia, has had to “shutter its plant and layoff staff” according to a news report by Devin Stevins in … Continue reading

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Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..July 25, 2017 & thoughts of a Silent Spring

Donna Crossland’s op-ed Slaying songbirds for woodchips in the CH July 22, 2017 (view post about it on this website) elicited two supportive, if sorrowful, letters in the CH July 25, 2017 From BG in Canning: Donna Crossland’s article on … Continue reading

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Crossland: federal Migratory Birds Convention Act ignored as habitat is cut for chips

In an opinion piece in the CH, Donna Crossland bemoans the destruction of bird habitat by clearcutting noting that May-June are the most critical months for many forest songbirds, though most of us remain unaware of the rather frantic lives … Continue reading

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Clearcut Nova Scotia continued..17July2017 & how much wood can be harvested from one hectare

How much wood? Plenty, but not on 50-year rotations! With promises of “the right balance” at some time in the future, clearcutting on Crown land continues unabated including cuts close to Protected Areas. The latest announcement cites plans for 48 … Continue reading

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July 28-30 workshop at HLC, Nova Scotia: Woodlot management as if biodiversity mattered

“Join three champions of intelligent forestry – author Jamie Simpson (“Restoring the Acadian Forest”), forest ecologist Donna Crossland, and forest carbon sequestration pioneer Dale Prest, for a weekend addressing the many ways forests benefit society – while absorbing practical knowledge … Continue reading

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MTRI hosting biodiversity workshop Fri July 14, 2017, Keji BioBlitz follows on 15th and 16th

Events over 3 days hosted by MTRI and Kejimkujik National Park in SW Nova Scotia provide a great opportunity for people to learn more about and share their knowledge about the plants and animals around us. MTRI, the Mersey Tobeatic … Continue reading

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Canada Day

Composition by Don P.

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Summer Solstice reflections

I try to spend June 21, the summer solstice, “in the outdoors” somewhere as a celebration of life on Planet Earth and managed to do so this year, albeit part of it traversing a 4-year old clearcut with a friend. … Continue reading

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The Rhodora

On Being Asked, Whence Is the Flower? In May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes, I found the fresh Rhodora in the woods, Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook, To please the desert and the sluggish brook. The purple … Continue reading

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Do economic woes lead to conservative forest use in Nova Scotia?

I recently re-visited a remnant woodland on gypsum karst near Avondale, an area slated in 2008 for expansion of the Miller’s Creek (Fundy Gypsum) mine. The expansion was approved by Nova Scotia Environment in February 2010. Then the downturn in … Continue reading

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