What’s it take to convince Nova Scotia DNRR to give interim protection to an area with 33 occurrences of SAR Old Growth Forest Indicators? 15Mar2024

That’s what Forest Protector Nina Newington asks on Day 13 of “Lichen Camp”.

Forty SAR occurrences, 33 of them an old growth forest indicator species, are not enough, it seems, to convince DNRR to give the whole area interim protection while final decisions are made about areas that will be given permanent protection to meet the 20% goal.

Follow the developments at and related to Lichen Camp on the Facebook page for the Friends of Goldsmith Lake Wilderness. For the convenience of those not on FB,  key posts are copied (with permission) on a page on this website –  see Lichen Camp GLWA 2024

The first post in the Lichen Camp series explains what it’s all about… Read More on www.versicolor.ca/nstriad

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