Editorials and letters about forestry in Nova Scotia continued..Oct 28, 2017

Following the critique of “misinformed local academics” just a few days ago, another letter expressing frustration with “bias and undue criticism of our [forestry] industry and practices” appears in today’s Chronicle Herald.

“My family has been involved in forestry for five generations and has contributed directly to our communities for well over 100 years…We selectively harvest our resources, where applicable, and in many cases, we clearcut where appropriate.

“…Those readers familiar with gardening will know that when a crop is mature and ready to harvest, and we are not educated and wise enough to do so, that which is left unharvested soon creates a blight on the fertile ground from which it has grown.

“This compares to our forests. Its products have a growth cycle and a shelf life. If left unharvested, soon a piece of fertile ground will become unusable for an extended time period. These unharvested forests have a very limited capacity for supporting wildlife and create ideal conditions for fires.”

Read more under Voice of the People – Oct 28, 2017: Forest stewards know best

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