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Subsidizing industrial forestry in Nova Scotia, continued?

Word on the Street has it that the Liberal government is about to announce big forestry changes and that the troops are being asked to prepare for public backlash. I would like to think the changes finally put an end … Continue reading

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Hefler sale complicated, biomass power plant separated out

Is, or could the biomass plant become, a net emitter of GHGs compared to coal? Details of the sale of Helfler Forest Products operation in Lower Sackville NS are just emerging. The profitable biomass power plant will apparently be run … Continue reading

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A sweet spot in Nova Scotia’s hardwoods

An article in the business section of the CH for Feb 2, 2017 provides some upbeat news about NS forests and forest industry for a change. Chris and Anna Hutchinson “wanted to return to Nova Scotia from Ontario and maple … Continue reading

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Neighbours get no notice about clearcut on Crown land

A CBC report on Information Morning this a.m. records the stress caused to a rural resident when she was asked to move her vehicle so the clearcutters could access neighbouring land. It was only then that she she learned about … Continue reading

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Highway tolls could destroy western Nova Scotia’s sawmill industry

…says Barrett Lumber Company’s David Barrett, reported in the CH Jan 31, 2017. He ” penned an open letter to provincial and federal politicians, warning that highway tolls would cause the “complete destruction,” of western Nova Scotia’s sawmill industry.” Read … Continue reading

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Crown lands recently purchased by Nova Scotians now managed by private interests

A blog post on the Healthy Forest Coalition website Jan 31, 2017 notes that “Behind closed doors, Nova Scotia’s Department of Natural Resources has quietly transferred the management of 1.4 million acres of Crown lands to WestFor, a consortium of … Continue reading

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