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Clearcutting threatens Mattatal Lake

In a Letter to the Editor (CH), Rick Parker of the Mattatall Lake Stewardship Board, writes: “In the watershed around Mattatall Lake, upwards of 60 per cent of the woodland, both private and Crown, has been clear cut, causing streams … Continue reading

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Six Talks & Workshops coming up Nov 18-Dec 4, 2016

Friday Nov 18, 2016 Council of Canadians: Clear Cut Question”: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable? Friday Nov 18, 2016 Women in Forestry Workshop Saturday Nov 19, 2016 Lichen Field Identification Workshop (MTRI)

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Reassurance that our forest industry is valuable, diverse and sustainable

In an Op-ed titled “A contractor’s perspective on forestry”, Calvin Archibald, president of Next Generation Forest Management Ltd. argues that while forestry in Nova Scotia is high risk (“We have been a supplier to StoraEnso, Julimar, MacTara and New Page, … Continue reading

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Subcontractor charged for clearcutting on Crown land

“The subcontractor charged with clearcutting a portion of Long Lake Provincial Park has pled guilty. Resourcestec Inc. entered the plea in court Thursday, while co-accused Dexter Construction Company Ltd. and Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd. had their charges dropped.” … Continue reading

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Mimicing natural disturbances and sustaining natural ecosystem structure and function in Nova Scotia

[Post updated Nov 13, 2016: Global Forest Watch images added.] Have a look at the much touted vehicle of transparency around cutting on crown land in Nova Scotia: the Harvest Map Viewer (or go to the cover page for the … Continue reading

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Tree Marking – why not in Nova Scotia?

Minga O’Brien, interviewed by CBC Cape Breton for their Breakfast Biography series, said she realized what was so special about our wild lands when she went to Europe as an 18-year old and discovered so little of the forests and … Continue reading

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The Nova Scotia Forest Nutrient Budget Model surfaces

A slide presentation by NSDNR in June 2009 announced that a “Soil nutrient budget computer model–a decision support model to assess site suitability for biomass harvest in NS” was being developed by DNR contracting with UNB (University of New Brunswick) … Continue reading

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Feeling the Heat

NSDNR Minister Lloyd Hines has an Op-ed in the CH today on A scientific approach to logging. “Recently opinions (May the forest be with you, Oct. 29) have generated public discussion about a number of forest practices and have questioned … Continue reading

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What lichens and lichenologists can and sometimes cannot tell us

Writing in the Halifax Examiner, Linda Pannozo highlights lichens and lichenologists (lichen specialists) in Nova Scotia, and reveals some of the struggles involved in protecting the endangered boreal felt lichen and other species from the ravages of clearcutting. A NSE … Continue reading

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Council of Canadians asks: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable?

The Council of Canadians is sponsoring a panel discussion of a “Clear Cut Question”: Is Biomass Energy Sustainable? Panelists are Bob Bancroft, Richard Pearson and Mary Jane Rodgers. The discussion takes place Friday, November 18, 2016. 7-9 pm at the … Continue reading

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